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Mp3👨‍💻Help is the best stop on your way to a party or even just for new music in your daily jogging session, - we help find newest, radest music on Youtube and convert it to mp3 for easy streaming on your good old iPod nano or contemporary iWatch. Youtube always has this new music first, from all countries, don't forget to check other language top 30 music videos link - music is cool, ready to be converted and downloaded from Youtueb to mp3 file.

How to find Youtube music and download MP3?

Download Youtube audio to MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

Mp3👨‍💻Help is indispensable when you need the music in M4A or WEBM formats, no other website offers those, but we are happy to suggest them as possible download methods. The sound in those is untouched, we just help you download th efile from Youtube, no converter work involved with those extensions. Only MP3 needs converting from Youtube audio.


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Bookmarks are great, and this one is simply the best, better than all the rest... Try it out! Drag and drop it to your bookmarks bar, then when you suddenly want to download a video you're watching, - hit this bookmark, and wait to be seriously amazed. You will be redirected here, and video page URL you were on - together with you. This way you don't need to copy & paste URL yourself.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

What is the fast way to download Youtube as mp3?

  1. Open Youtube video, copy it to Mp3👨‍💻Help
  2. Then hit Download and wait while we scan this video
  3. Select the MP3 file format then long tap on the "Download" button.

Do you have limits? Can we signup or subscribe?

No. No limits here, no subscriptions, no registration is needed. Enjoy free for all.

Where the MP3 audio files get downloaded to?

All downloads are in default Download folder, go into browser menu and select the corresponding menu link.