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Shorts search is not yet supported, as it doesn't even work on Youtube..
So you'll need to copy video URL from the app and paste it in here.

Convert Youtube Shorts online & download

Mp3👨‍💻Help is one of the earliest adopters of Youtube shorts downloaders, MP3 & MP4 converters and re-uploaders. Here you can save any short from Youtube to MP3 or MP4 file, then do with it whatever you please. Keep in mind all those snarky phrases and words shown in the video will remain in the converted/downloaded video file, in case MP3 converter is not enough for you, and who can blame - Shorts usually have useless soundtracks.

Download Youtube Shorts. How to step by step guide.

Convert Youtube shorts to all available formats

Not all formats, but most possible formats we support. Convert Shorts to MP3 and download MP4, M4A, WEBM, OGG, etc. If your favorite format is not supported, - please, let us know, and in time with enough requests we will add support for that format.


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Bookmarks are great, and this one is simply the best, better than all the rest... Try it out! Drag and drop it to your bookmarks bar, then when you suddenly want to download a video you're watching, - hit this bookmark, and wait to be seriously amazed. You will be redirected here, and video page URL you were on - together with you. This way you don't need to copy & paste URL yourself.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

How to download Youtube shorts on iPhone?

  1. Access Youtube Short in the app, copy its link
  2. Open Mp3👨‍💻Help, paste video URL into the entry box, hit Download
  3. Now select format and hit Get Link, then Long-Tap it to Download file (need Documents app to save files on iPhone)

Are downloads limited in any way?

No, Youtube Shorts are just short and small files, we are not limiting that in any way.

Where to find the downloaded MP3s on my laptop?

Try press CTRL+R in your browser to open Downloads list of files, or use browser menu to open Downloads section, or just go default downloads folder on your laptop.

Can I reshare Youtube Shorts MP4 on other networks?

Yes, why not? It's up to you, especially if it's your own Youtube Short.